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Cresco, IA 52136


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About Outdoors and More

Since 2006, we have served thousands of customers from all walks of life and from dozens of different countries. But, we weren’t always Outdoors & More, Inc., and our history runs even deeper than our origins in 2006.

Todd Stephenson, the company’s owner, began selling antiques and collectibles – procured from local live auctions and garage sales – on eBay just a year or two after the inception of the auction site, and the idea for a new business was born. After several years of operating as a hobby business and learning the finer points of customer service and providing exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction, Todd created his first small business enterprise – TDS Enterprises LLC – in 2006, with the intent of building the business into one he could eventually work at full-time.

In 2007, Todd knew he had developed the skills, abilities and passion to make selling his occupation, so he decided to take the plunge – he quit his job, and started selling on eBay full-time!

After five years of successful selling, Todd decided that the business needed a new face – he needed to incorporate – and Outdoors & More, Inc. was born in 2012.

In September of 2015, Outdoors & More moved into a small commercial building in Cresco, Iowa with the intent to expand the business even further – Todd opened a retail business and also began offering knife sharpening services. If you find yourself in the Cresco area and need your fine cutlery polish-honed to razor sharp perfection, stop in and ask for Todd.

Outdoors & More is still alive and well. The company has now served tens of thousands of customers, and Todd still manages the business entirely hands-on, seeing every order through from start to finish, and following up personally with each and every customer.

Come in and meet Todd, and find out what Outdoors & More can do for you!